Monday, April 4, 2011

Pan Cake Dosa

One of our cousin did this while we went 2 California and I really liked it. It is similar to dosa, yet had a different taste. When mixed with vegetables, this is much yummier, you could try egg in this as well but I tried only with the vegetables. Lets see how to make this.


Pan Cake Mix (Krusteaz Light&Fluffy, Wheat&Honey Pan-cake mix)
Bell Pepper
Ginger-garlic paste
Green chilly
Pepper powder
chilly powder
coriander leaves
tomato (optional)


1.Mix the pancake mix mentioned above with water and add salt, pepper and chilly powder accordingly.

2. There are 2 ways to add the chopped vegetables, either in the pan cake mix or when the pan cake is spread on the pan.

3. I used the second method as shown in the picture above. This was yum with tomato ketchup! You could even relish it with coconut chutney etc.

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