Monday, October 25, 2010

Custard (Fruit salad)

Fruit Salad is one of the simple recipe's one would learn.This is mostly served in parties and weddings or lunches and get- together functions.This is one of the earliest recipe I learnt, could be in my 8th grade if I am right.We used to make it in the night and prefer eating the next day after lunch, specially during the Indian summers, this would be a treat! I would love to add mangoes, as it is my fav fruit and so for most of them.


3-4 cups of Milk
2 cups of water
2-21/2 cups sugar
Custard Powder
Few Tutty Fruity
Any choice of your fruits


1.Boil Milk and water on a medium flame. Add the sugar and stir well. Here you could check the sugar levels and add according to your levels.

2. Now take the custard powder into a bowl and add some water, mix it thoroughly and then add this into the milk. We do this because if the custard powder is added directly to the boiling milk, this causes some small clusters. So, we need to first dissolve it in water and then add it to the hot milk.

3. Stir well for some time to observe a thick cream forming. At this point, remove it from flame and place under a fan or near a cool place and let it cool.

4.After it is completely cooled, add the tutty fruity and all the fruits of your choice. My choice would be peeled and finely chopped apples, bananas,strawberries,oranges,cantaloupes and pomegranates.

+1 Idea

Can style it with nuts like cashews or raisins and add some thick cream to make it more rich. Can add a variety of fruits such as Honey dew melon, kiwi or blue berries etc.


NeeR said...

Feel gud pic... and no wonder this custard wud be HEAVEN !!

ANU said...

I Know, This is one of my favorite pic, and must say the custard was really yummy, not that I am self praising, but was worth it with a multi-variety fruits n nuts!