Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunni/Minappa Laddu

Sunni/Minapa laddu's are considered to be very healthy, specially for kids. Since it consists of Urad dal/Minapappuwhich is fiber rich and also ghee. When made with jaggery it is very nutritious as you avoid the sugars but due to the bad quality of jaggery here in the USA, it gets difficult to make a fine powder out of it. This is recipe is made for about 6-7 laddu's, also it depends on what size you make the balls.


3 cups Urad dal
1-3/4 cup sugar
Cashew nuts
Cardamom seeds
1 cup ghee


1.Finely Dry Roast the Urad dal till you observe an amazing aroma. Don't burn it, but just dry roast till they change their color. Keep it aside and let it cool.

2. Add the ghee to a pan and fry the cashews and raisins. The raisins would bloat up and fry till the cashews are light brown, don't burn them, this might give a sour taste to the raisins. Add the cardamom seeds. This ignites a great smell and flavor to the laddu's.

3. After the Roasted urad dal is cooled, grind them into a fine powder. Sometimes, when you grind while the content is hot, it degrades the grinder/mixi performance, sorry for using the IT jargon, I will try to minimize that and include more of the cooking dialect.

4.Add the powdered sugar and grind the content together.

5 Now, add the mixture to the ghee and make round balls with your palms.


Chandu said...

Nice blog Anu...keep posting!
will try this sometime soon :)

ANU said...

Thnks Chandu, keeping a track of my own experiments when they strike well......I would b happy if u wud try few of these :)