Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vegetable Manchurian

Vegetable manchurian brings water in everybody's mouth! This is great when eaten with noodles or fried rice. I never thought I would make such a tough recipe, but after asking a few friends of mine and visiting few online cooking videos, I finally could make one on my own and thought I should publish it here. Lets see what we would need to make this...When it comes to vegetables, its more of your choice, I used the following: cabbage,cauliflower,carrot,beans,potatoes, beetroot.


Vegetables of your choice
1 cup cooked rice
soy sauce
2 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp chopped ginger
Corn flour
1 tsp tomato sauce
oil (accordingly)


1.Firstly, chop all the vegetables finely or grate them if you can and cook them in a pan with its lid closed or you could even pressure cook it for about 2 whistles, all the vegetables should be a little more than half boiled and not over cooked and soft.

2.Let this cool and drain the water from the veggies, make sure all the water is gone and add some cooked rice to the vegetables which would help in binding them all together while making the balls. The drained water is very rich with nutrients, so do not throw this, use this to make a gravy for the manchurian or drink it like a soup with some salt and pepper.

3.Add the chopped green chillies, garlic, soy sauce,tomato sauce,pepper powder, salt and mix it well.

4.Now add the corn flour to make a good consistency and start making the balls. If you are unable to make it, add some boiled rice so that everything can be binded together.

5.Deep fry these balls in oil and enjoy the dry manchurian.

Wet curry:To make the wet curry, use the drained veggy soup from the cooked vegetables.


1.In a pan, add oil, add cumin seeds, chopped onions,chopped green chilly,chopped ginger and garlic.Note: make sure all of them are very finely chopped, the taste matters with the way you chop the above. The thinner they are, the better it would taste. And, the garlic is the heart of the gravy, so make sure you have good amount of chopped garlic.

2.Add soy sauce and chopped spring onions and fry it.

3.Now, add the corn flour mixed with water into this and add the vegetable soup to the above and salt mix it well.

4.Lastly, add any of the sauces you have at home, let it be tomato or honey mustard or sweet onion, just to add to the flavor

Now, add the dry manchurian balls to the gravy and there you go, Wet Manchurian, great with noodles or fried rice!


Anonymous said...

Asalu raccha chestunnavu kada. I love manchuriya.

ANU said...

Thnks bhaggy! Try cheyyi idhi, its a little time taking for the first time, but once u do it once, its easy! I forgot 2 mention, make the balls small, as they need 2 get fried completely, so keep them small....the ones shown in the pictures are big ones, though

malleswari said...

Good Job Anu!!! The pictures of all the dishes are mouth watering!!

Chandu said...

loooks yummmmmmmmmmm....
cant wait to try this n other stuff Anu...
with inlaws around, i stopped experimenting .... come december, i will try all these...keep posting...

ANU said...

Wow, you guys are very encouraging! I am happy and fully charged to post more n experiment more, I am planning to make more of non-indian stuff, may be within about a month's time, I should b able to research more on things and start to make n post them!
@Malli: not jus the pictures, the dishes were great too, hope u find time 2 make them
@Chandu:Sure, there will b more options by dec 4 u!

ramya said...

Rechipo anu...hey try some veggi soups varieties and post here..want to learn..

Anonymous said...

Hey Anu, when is the next dish coming :D
its been more than a month....
come out of the holiday mood and post a dish :D