Monday, February 9, 2015

Thai Red Curry

OMG, what a start with my special favorite! Yes, it is Thai curry and yes its after a while that I am posting a recipe. Blame this on my 16th month old brat who doesnt even let me login to my account. Well, complaints aside, I prepared a special dinner for my husband a couple of days ago and thought of sharing it.


Red curry paste (I used store bought from Trader Joes)
Vegetables of your choice, I used the following
Red bell pepper
Yellow bell pepper
Green bell pepper
Sweet corn
Coconut Milk


1. In a large pan, after heating it initially, add 2 tsp oil and then saute all your veggies.
2. In another pan, add the red thai curry paste and let it cook.
3. After the thai paste gets heated, add the coconut milk and git it a stir.
4. When the veggies are done, combine the veggies and the other paste.
5. Let the whole mixture boil till the veggies are well cooked and the house is filled with a nice aroma.

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