Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Semiya payasam

The universal sweet/dessert made by most of our Mom's during our bday's or festivals. At one point of time, I got so bored of this dish until I was in India but after coming to US, I just love this. I remember the first time, I made it for my roomate's (Jyothsna) birthday, I prepared it with rice. But here I would show it with bambino vermicelli.


2 cups bambino
1/2-1 cup ghee
3 cups milk
11/2 cup sugar (accordingly)
2 tbsp cashew nuts
2 tbsp sliced almonds
2 tbsp raisins
2 cardamom (elaichi)


1.Boil milk and add sugar after it is boiled. You could check the sugar level by tasting it now and add more if needed. I normally make it a little less than medium level of sweetness. because of this, we can eat more and I usually don't like any extra sweetness!

2.In a pan, heat 1/2 cup ghee, roast all the nuts and add the 2 cups of bambino. Fry it till the bambino turn to golden brown. Don't let the dry fruits burn, if needed remove them and keep it aside, specially the raisins, I have already mentioned this in my previous recipe's that when the raisins are heated beyond a certain level, they taste bitter.

3. Add the cardamom to the milk and now add the fried bambino to the milk and boil it till the bambino is cooked.

4. Now, hot Semiya Payasam is ready! You could eat it just like that or sometimes can be eaten with Poori !


Lakshmi said...

To make the semia softer you could fry it as Anu said and then boil it in water for 10 mins and then add it to the milk.

You could also add some Milkmaid (condensed milk , readily available in stores) for the creamy feeling. Make sure not to add too much ghee while frying the dry fruits as it may spoil the milk.

This is applicable to all payasams made with milk. While adding sugar to boiled milk, first take the sugar in a separate vessel, and add some of the milk and bring it to boil. This is because when sugar melts it makes the milk watery. When the sugar melts and the mixes completely in the small portion of the milk, pour it to the original milk which can be made to boil in parallel.

Try adding sliced pista and almonds to the semia payasam instead of whole ones....

ANU said...

Thanks again lakshmi for sharing! I would try to boil the semiya in water before adding it to the milk and see the difference. And your ideas are great......

Neerzz said...

iam gonna ask mah mom to prepare dizz one 2daieee....